We help to implement system that our clients needed to accommodate solution for their business process. We always put ourselves as a true partner, keep our clients in the loop every step of the way. Our technical expertise will assist through each phase of the implementation process, whether to apply upgrades or require a new system to optimize our client challenging needs. We are Oracle certified partner and have years of experience to draw from and deploy solutions for a variety of industries. Our aim is to turn our client needs into an opportunity to deliver value to their business, increase productivity and efficiency.


We begin the process by prudentially interpret our client desired outcome of their business process, then listen to their story very gently and come up with our best solutions. Furthermore we introduce our robust system and our methodology that come across from our client business needs. We believe that our main task here is to facilitate our client's desire in creating a new perfect value for their business.


Subsequently, we already have a proposal for their solution, now we are ready to transform it into actions. We design it, translate it into a simulation, and adjust its conditions to suit our client company's existing circumstances. Furthermore, we will conduct an intensive training to help our client get familiar with this new system. Even until it is published, we are still there to provide monitoring and support. Everything we do here is nothing but make our client more convenient while sensing a greater technology behind.


When the business is growing rapidly and the system works more compound, to ensure it is working properly it will take a lot of time and expenses. At the moment when to keep the system running became more frustrated than ever, through our support division, we come to give our client peace of mind with the result that client's most complex data challenges will be overcome quickly and efficiently. The Trees Solution team is tailored with specific skill to handle the specific parts of our client's business process system. Through our experiences in many industries, we can provide solutions for every kind of your system's solutions. Without any worries, our team is ready to be placed on site or monitored client's system from our office, in accordance with the needs and concerns of our client severity.


Reducing Costs - We help you to reduce recruitment and training costs.
Focusing On Your Core Skills - We can help you to stay focus on your business and free the burden of day-to-day system management.
Reducing Business Risk - We put tight SLA's and try to identify and address potential problems before they occur.


Application Maintenance Support

  • Functionality usage & Operation
  • Technical Support
Database Maintenance Support
  • Database maintenance & administration support
  • Technical Support
Advance Support
  • Database Upgrade
  • Database Migration
  • New Installation


As company growth fast, payroll management became more complex for enterprise. We can help identify the best solutions and increase process efficiency in payroll management. More things done is not enough if we don't stay focus on our every step, otherwise we are here to help you focus on your main business direction. With our extensive experience Payroll Business Process Services, Trees can help you:

  • Focus on core business and improve productivity
  • Stay ahead of changed regulations in IT system due to payroll policy
  • Maintain company credencial